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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Our Garden Plans (Lord Willing!)

So, we are branching out even more this year with our backyard garden oasis.  We have so many foods that we are planning on growing, and I am super excited for the potential harvest we will be enjoying over the next several months.  As of right now, the winter plants that we had planted are finishing up their growth, which is sad because some of them really seem to be deciding that now is the time to thrive!  My Swiss Chard has come back to life, and the lettuces are really starting to leaf, so maybe I will get a bit more out of them before I have to pull them for the spring plantings.  Here's praying!

So, here is a look at the plan for the new beds this year.  I still have the same bed on the side of the house as last year, but I will be changing up what is planted in it a little.  I am moving the watermelon to the top of the hill with some winter squash and other melons.

We also just started some seeds indoors this weekend, which are already sprouting nicely!  It's so exciting to watch these little seeds come to life.  Just as God designed them to work...crazy.  In the next couple of days I will be making my way outside to get the direct sow seeds into the garden beds that are already completed to help get them going.  The weather has been beautiful, so hopefully there will not be a surprise frost in the next few weeks.  Come on spring!

Tips on seeds:  I bought a LOAD of seeds last fall when the local plant places were about to close down for the winter.  I bought most at something like 80% off!  Crazy deals, and a lot of them were heirloom.  I stored the packets in ziploc bags in the refrigerator and they have been happily waiting until now.  I also got wind of an awesome company called Burgess Seeds, which is where I have purchased most of my other plants or seeds.  Their prices are just completely unbeatable!  I absolutely recommend you check them out before heading to Lowe's or your local planting place.  Their shipping is a flat $9.95, which is crazy for the amount of items I just bought.  I was super impressed with their seed availability, as well as the other plants offered.  I hope that helps offer an economical way to get your garden started this growing season!  Remember, "Sluggards do not plow in season; so at harvest time they look but find nothing" (Proverbs 20:4).  No matter what size your garden is, now is the time to start planting (whether indoors or out) and getting your ground ready for the coming plants.  If you have had great success with your garden, please share!  We can all use the encouragement...I know I'm still a newbie with gardening, but I just love the experience of getting intimate with God's creation!  What a blessing.

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